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How To Link Adhar Card With Voter Id Card ?

How To Link Adhar Card With Voter Id Card ?

How to Link Adhar Card With Voter Id Card ?

Recently, an imp news article which went unnoticed was Election Commission’s guidelines on “To Link Aadhaar Card to Voter Id”. After Aadhaar is linked to LPG Connection, It is next important milestone. I do agree that there were glitches in online seeding of Aadhaar to LPG Connection. But we have to understand that projects of this scale and in the geographically vast country like India, it is very difficult to execute. Moreover, we cannot blame Govt for operational issues. The govt employees who were responsible for execution can be blamed. Though i was the 1st one to seed my Aadhaar with LPG but after waiting for one year, finally i submitted physical documents to the distributor :). No complaints, It was brave and honest attempt. This time it seems election commission has learned lessons from LPG experience. The process to Link Aadhaar Card to Voter Id aka Aadhaar Seeding 2.0 seems to be more robust and convenient.
This drive to Link Aadhaar Card to Voter Id is named as National Electoral Roll Purification and Authentication Programme (NERPAP). The basic objective is to remove bogus voters from the electoral roll, remove multiple records and make it error free. It will help election commission to collate biometric data of a voter from Aadhaar database. Lastly, another imp objective which i foresee is to Go Digital. This exercise to link aadhaar card to voter id will help to link Mobile No and Email of a voter with Voter id. In future, it will be easy to communicate with voter and no one know, in next election you may receive voter slip through Mobile. The last date to link aadhaar card to voter id is 31st July, 2015.

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In India, Aadhaar is slowly becoming Social Security No of USA. I anticipate that in future voting will be compulsory for every citizen therefore it is necessary to carry out this kind of drive. May be after 4-5 years, you can also vote through mobile. Nothing is impossible and future is always bright. With this background, let’s discuss how to link aadhaar card to voter id online.

Link Aadhaar Card to Voter Id

This time user has multiple options to link aadhaar card to voter id. Broadly, it can be classified into following categories. You can select the mode to link aadhaar card to voter id as per your convenience.

1. Web

2. Mobile

3. Call Center
Through Web

It is very simple process which hardly takes 5 mins to complete. Let’s check out the steps to link aadhaar card to voter id. In this option, there are 2 types of seeding i.e. (i) Self Seeding and (ii) Portal Seeding

(i) Self Seeding

Step 1: Open following link

Web Link:

Step 2: Please enter following details

– Name

– Age / DOB

– Father’s / Husband’s Name

– Gender

– State

– District Constituency

Click “Search” after entering all the details

Step 3: If all the details match with the record of the election commission, you will get details of your voter id in the search result.

Step 4: Against your Voter Id details, you will get option to “Feed Aadhaar No.”. Click on this link. Before you click “Feed Aadhaar No”, please ensure that pop up option of your web browser is enabled and is not blocked.

Step 5: A pop-up window will open. You can enter following details from Aadhaar Card

– Name in Aadhaar

– EPIC Number (It is your Voter Id Number)

– Aadhaar No.


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