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How To Sealing EVM CU BU  and VVPAT : Sealing Process of EVM and VVPAT

How To Sealing EVM CU BU  and VVPAT : Sealing Process of EVM and VVPAT

1. The Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is a reliable system for conduct of elections in which one
person has to be elected out of many candidates.

2. EVM consists mainly of two units – (a) Control Unit (CU) and (b) Balloting Unit (BU) with cable
for connecting it with the Control Unit. A Balloting Unit caters upto 16 candidates. Four Balloting
Units linked together catering in all to 64 candidates can be used with one Control Unit.

3. EVM uses a modern microcomputer and other Large Scale Integration (LSI) chips. It operates on a
special Power pack. It is tamper-proof, error-free and easy to operate. It is easily portable. The
polling information once recorded is retained in its memory even when the Power pack is

4. The machine, which is according to the design approved by the Election Commission of India, is
manufactured by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) and Electronics Corporation of India Limited. It
is the end product of considerable experience and extensive trials in Indian Elections under the
guidance of the Election Commission of India.

5. This chapter aims at introducing the machine and familiarising the electoral officials with its

6. The Balloting Units and Control Units are supplied in separate carrying cases. A carrying case can
be opened by pressing the latches simultaneously, on both sides of the handle, as shown in
Fig. 1.

7. Remove the Units from the carrying cases carefully by using both hands.

9. The Balloting Unit is that unit of the machine which the voter operates to exercise his / her

10. It consists of a rectangular box. The box, which is as shown in Fig. 3, has -
a. Interconnecting Cable,
b. Ready Lamp,
c. Slide Switch Window,
d. Sixteen Candidates’ Buttons,
e. Sixteen Candidates’ Lamps and
f. Provision for insertion of Ballot Paper containing the SI. Nos, Names and Election Symbols of
contesting candidates under a transparent (polycarbonate) sheet (Ballot Paper Screen).

12. The ‘Ready Lamp’ is on the top left side of the Balloting Unit. This lamp glows GREEN when the
‘Ballot Button’ on the Control Unit is pressed by the Presiding Officer to enable the voter to record
his vote. It goes off when the voter has recorded his vote.

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13. The Slide Switch Window is on the top right side. The Slide Switch inside the Balloting Unit can
be operated to reveal through the window the figures 1, 2, 3 or 4. When only one Balloting Unit
is to be used, the switch is operated to show the figure ‘1’ through the window. If a second
Balloting Unit is used, the switch in that Unit is operated to show the figure ‘2’ through the
window of that Unit, and so on.

14. The voter records his vote by pressing the Candidate’s button against the name and symbol of the
Candidate of his choice. When the Button is pressed, the Lamp (Candidate’s Lamp) on the left
side of that Button glows RED and the voter’s choice is recorded.

15. The Balloting Unit has a provision for inserting on its top face the Ballot Paper in which the
SI. Nos., names and symbols of the contesting candidates are printed. A transparent polycarbonate sheet (Ballot Paper Screen) protects the Ballot paper.





16. The top cover of the Balloting Unit is opened by pressing simultaneously, towards the right, the
latches at the top and bottom of the right edge of the Unit. The inside of the Unit is as in Fig. 5.
Sixteen Candidates’ buttons are visible, each having an associated masking tab. The buttons
which are required to be used should not be covered or masked. The buttons not required to be
used should be covered or masked with their associated masking tabs.


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